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Digital Manning

Process all your manning in our platform to review vetted profiles from our pool of “30,000 seafarer” within 24 hours. You can schedule an interview, sign a contract, receive all seafarer documents and send pre-embarkation instructions without sending any emails - just by clicking buttons in our platform.

Our software integrates with all major ERPs, or acts as a standalone tool

Request 1 or 1,000 seafarers, from any country you want

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Ukraine - Odessa

Philippines - Manila

Manning license - Ukraine

Manning license - Philippines

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Seafair offers complementary crew software and digital manning services
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We empower leading maritime companies worldwide thrive by utilizing our crew software & digital manning services, through owned licensed agencies in Ukraine & the Philippines

Build High-Quality Seafarer Pool

Minimize Crew Malfunctions

Grow Your Fleet Effortlessly

Ace Audits

Our automated workflows ensure 100% compliant seafarer operations and help you win your charterer's trust

Get world-class vetting

Our seafarers pass through fraud-proof assessments, interviews & background check to minimize bad hires

Optimize crew opex

Our reporting helps you visualize seafarer spend per category and compares against live market benchmarks

Automate admin

Our human-centric software minimizes data input and helps onboard/onshore personnel find all data in 3 clicks

Hire the best

Our personnel uses our data to source seafarers for you in less than 48 hours

Combine all seafarer data in one platform

Crew Software

Manage **ALL** your crewing needs in 1 platform. Review all your pool info in 2 clicks, get automated alerts to never miss a task, sign & store digital seafarer contracts, run automated MGAs & rest-hours, send automated notifications to seafarers in their preferred channel - just by clicking buttons in our platform.

You choose what you need, we make it work

Choose our crew software, our manning services, or both

Lamda Maritime

" We hired a stellar Master and ETO through Seafair in less than 24 hours, when nobody else could serve us "

Technical Manager

Trusted by companies with 300+ vessels

Pantheon Tankers

" Seafair's software is next level. It's as if we lived in the dark and they switched on the lights "

Head of strategy

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